Disaster management
Disaster management is one of the salient subjects in the GS-3 mains paper. It deals with the disasters like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, etc. and how to react in case of disaster. Covering disaster management with the help of UPSCCONNECT’s best video lectures for Mains will lay a helping hand in your preparations. Diagrams, videos and flowcharts are also incorporated for the better understanding of the subject.


Introduction to Disaster Management
  1. What is a Disaster ?
  2. What is a Hazard?
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Risk
  5. Classification of Disaster
  6. Disaster Management Cycle
Disaster Management in India
  1. Institutional framework at national level
  2. National disaster management authority (NDMA)
  3. National institute of disaster management (NIDM)
  4. National platform for disaster risk reduction (NPDRR)
  5. National disaster relief force (NDRF)
  6. Institutional Framework at State Level
  7. Institutional Framework at District Level
  8. Financial Arrangements under NDM Act, 2005
  9. The National Disaster Management Plan, 2016
  10. Central Ministries for Coordination of Response at National level
  11. Disaster Risk Governance
  12. Recovery and Build Back Better (BBB)
  13. Recovery Stages
  14. Reconstruction
  15. Rehabilitation
  1. Earthquake
  2. Tsunami
  3. Volcano
  4. Floods
  5. Cyclone
  6. Landslide
  7. Drought
  8. Industrial Disaster
  9. Biological Disaster
  10. Nuclear Hazards
  11. Crowd Management

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