Economics touches and influences our lives in ways that is hard to comprehend.UPSCConnect has covered the syllabus for Economics in an effective way. This course module gives you well explained topics on Indian Economy for the exam. All the details are provided with the help of diagrams to give a comprehensive understanding to the candidates Content is well structured which will let you study hassle free.


  1. GDP & Calculation
  2. PPP, GNP, NNP etc. & other indicators of country
  3. Budget
  4. Taxation
    • GST
  5. Deficits & Types
  1. Money (metallic, paper, Bitcoin )
  2. Categories of Money and equation of exchange
  3. Digital payment
  4. Monetary policy
  5. Financial Institutions(RBI, SCB, LAB, SFB, Payment Banks Mc)
  6. Inflation & Types
  7. Based NPA, TBS, PARA
  1. Share market
  2. Balance of payment ( Current & capital)
    • Debt vs equity
  3. Convertibility
  4. Organizations (WTO, IMF etc.)

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