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Governance is considered to be a crucial subject for UPSC MAINS.The video lectures by UPSCCONNECT that covers the best governance videos for UPSC CSE examination. No need to mug up the things. With our impressive animation and diagrams, one can easily recall the content. To look up for more information and comprehensive syllabus coverage of governance, find the index below.


  1. Introduction to Governance
  2. Good Governance
    • Defining Good Governance
    • Origin and Emergence of the Concept of Good Governance
    • Elements of Good Governance
    • Challenges of Good Governance
  3. E – Governance
    • Goals of E – Governance
    • Pillars of E- Governance
    • Reasons for slow Implementation of E- Governance In India
    • Objectives of E- Governance
    • Services of E- Governance
    • E – Governance Application
    • Some Successful Implemented Models of E- Governance of India
  4. Citizen Charter
    • Defining a Citizen
    • Components of a Citizen’s Charter
    • Procedure to Formulate Citizen Charter
  5. NGO
    • Objective of An NGO
    • Registration of NGOs
    • Roles of NGO
    • Self Help Groups
  6. Representation of People Act
    • Electoral Rolls
    • Criteria for the Disqualification
    • Administrative Machinery
  1. Human Rights
    • Articles
    • Human Rights In India
  2. Women Rights
  3. Children’s Rights
  4. Sc’s & St’s Rights
  5. Other Backward Classes Rights
  6. Minority Rights
  7. Disabled Persons Rights
  8. Older Persons Rights
  9. Rights of Drug Abused
  10. Consumer Protection
  11. Right to Information
  12. Right to Education act
Administrative Structure
  1. Central Administration
  2. State Administration
  3. District Administration
Law & Order Administration
  1. Introduction to Law & Order Administration
  2. Role of Home Ministry
    • Departments of the Home Ministry
  3. Central Police Forces
  4. Central Police Organisation
  5. Central Intelligence Agencies
  6. Central Investigating Agencies
  7. Organisation of State Police
  8. National Security Council
  9. Governance Through Bodies

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