Find out the benefits of Online courses and what is the difference between Online and Offline coaching


The competition for UPSC exam is increasing every year. Hence, it is advisable to put every possible effective resource to your help in order to prepare efficiently for the exam. Online classes is one such resource which is gaining extreme popularity. Online courses helps you to

  • Make your notes more effectively. You will have the required information in front of you in an easily comprehendible manner rather than scorching for it in the books.

  • Gain access to professional trainers if you don’t have one in your city or town. They teach the content in an explicit manner and help to sway away the doubts.

  • Save travel time and money. People often travel to far off cities and get expensive coaching along with expensive accommodation. Online courses bring the knowledge to your doorstep.

  • Have flexibility in your study schedule. You can go through the online course in the middle of the night or any other time of your preference. So, you won’t be bounded with specific time constraints for classes. It is especially of help to the people with jobs or students.

  • Have easy access to online mock tests which also provide instant results. Along with mock tests you may also get solved previous year question papers which will help you understand the pattern and style of the paper.

Unlike offline classes which requires physical presence in the classroom with teachers, online classes are the recorded session of subjects. These can be accessed anytime and the doubts can be cleared via e-mail, chat, telephonic call or video call assist during specific hours. Offline classes are usually conducted in a batch of students and the number of students vary. Online classes can be accessed individually and can also help you get personal attention from the coaches.

UPSCCONNECT is one of the best online platforms serving the needs of the students by providing qualitative video lectures at your doorsteps.

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