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Time, patience and effort is the mantra to sail through this cutthroat competition of UPSC civil services examination. While preparing for UPSC prelims, a massive challenge occurs; how to start your preparations from scratch. UPSC civil service exam is cesarean to any other examination. Planned strategy along with guidance helps a lot in achieving one’s dream.

Nowadays everything is just one click away from us, so is learning. In this tech-savvy world, there is a need to shift education from previous traditional methods to new, easy and effective digital learning.

IAS preparations need an enormous amount of hard work accompanying with smart work. Opting for online video courses for UPSC would be a better option.

UPSC Connect is one of the online educational platforms for IAS aspirants, providing video–based courses explained in HD quality with best designs and animation.

With the motto of “LEARN ANYTIME, LEARN ANYWHERE”, UPSC Connect provides a better learning experience at your doorstep.

Why go for UPSC Connect's best online video course for IAS:-

  • UPSCCONNECT provides information in a vibrant and effective way which is more easy to remember.
  •  Online video courses are the most convenient way of preparing for UPSC CSE examination.
  • It saves time of UPSC aspirant.
  • One can learn anytime with the help of online course.
  • Along with this 24-7 availability of explanation of content is there which is not possible in offline methods. The telephonic support is also there.
  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage of huge syllabus in an organised manner is there in videos.
  • With the help of diagrams, graphs and tables the content is expressed in an effective manner. One can even try to use these (diagrams, graphs, tables) in their answer writing.
  • Aspirants move to metros like Delhi to gain knowledge at expensive coaching institutions. Online coaching of UPSC at UPSC Connect will provide the content through best pendrive course at lower prices.
  • Last mile internet connectivity, made it possible for as aspirants to learn from home through best videos for IAS examination. There is no need to leave their homelands anymore.
  • More than 500 videos with multiple playback option is also available.
  • The online videos are bilingual that means videos are available in both English and Hindi languages. Which made it accessible and understandable to a wide section of our society.

In addition, you will find the videos for current affairs over UPSCCONNECT’s YouTube channel. Also, you can download the previous year’s question papers easily and bookmark the videos to save  lessons for later revisions at UPSC Connect’s website.

Moreover, the subtitles or the written explanations given in the videos struck-off the language barrier.   It is a boon for the people with hearing disability to prepare with the help of subtitles.

Opt for online coaching at UPSCCONNECT because our belief is in breaking the barriers between aspirants and their aspirations. Here, Learning is no more difficult and lethargic. Learn anytime learn anywhere.

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