Searching study material for UPSC, Instead Get Best pendrive course for UPSC!


When books reading is reduced to KINDLE, then why not UPSC Syllabus? How can anyone give it a thought of not reading study material from books? Does the alternative works? Is it like reading from Soft copies? Yes, these are the multiple questions that pop up whenever one talks about the video course for upsc.

Complicity and Compatibility are the two key rules nowadays in anything, then why not in preparation of UPSC. One can now prepare sitting at their homes without paying a huge amount of fees with the help of the best pendrive course for upsc offered by websites like UPSCCONNECT.

It is a myth that if students don’t take regular classroom coaching in Metro cities, they can’t get selected in the Civil Services exam. The emphasis for joining Metro cities classes is due to quality coaching provided by various coaching centers. But how about these faculties of best coaching centers are reaching you in a mere USB device that can be fitted into your personal laptops or computers and make you learn all those possibilities of covering syllabus by watching them as video lectures contained in the best pendrive course for upsc and getting guidance by connecting with them on calls.

You can watch lectures in the pendrive course for upsc at your pace and comfort, you can make your own schedule for study i.e. early in the morning, at night or even when you have extra or spare time during college or can revise anytime with the help of the lectures.

 Video course for upsc is making the teaching one-step forward in this competitive world. Here, the firm records the best content of the syllabus on a pen drive and shares it with the student. The student can download the contents of the pen drive on his/her computer. It enables them to access the content at their personal convenience. Online course for upsc also provides student to play pause and rewind the lectures for better understanding.


Advantages of pendrive course offered by the UPSCCONNECT are as follows

•  Students need not have to worry about internet connections as they are recorded and available in the pendrive

•  Students can download the content on their PCs and access it at any time.

• It also gives the advantage of repeatedly going through the content to understand difficult concepts. Going through the same content makes them perfect in the subject. It serves as an excellent revision of the concepts.

•  They are cost-effective

• Students/Job goers can also avail this facility at the best and can utilize their time to study whenever and wherever they want.

The programmes offered by UPSCCONNECT consist of :


1Pendrive  course for G.S Prelims

• It includes various subjects like – Environment and Ecology, Science and technology, Economics, Modern India, Geography, Indian Polity, Art and Culture, Ancient and Medieval India.

2.  Pendrive  course for G.S Prelims + Mains

• It includes everything you need for UPSC preparation:Environment and Ecology, Science and technology, Economics, Modern India, Geography, Indian Polity, Art and Culture, Ancient and Medieval India, History, Ethics,  Governance, Disaster Management, Society, International Relations, Internal Security, Post Independence India, World History,Current affairs and much more.

3. Best pendrive course for UPSC for Ethics

• It includes Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude explained in best possible manner through examples ,flowcharts and multimedia,

Also, the students can explore the website of UPSCCONNECT – to buy various pendrive courses for UPSC.

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