Video Lectures for UPSC Exam Preparation


Have you ever thought, why we tend to remember every small detail portrayed in movies? The answer is simple. Our brain captures graphical information much faster than written one. That is why we are able to retain the information provided to us through videos, much more than the ones provided to us in written format. If this is so, then why not apply this simple formulae to the life of an UPSC aspirant? Why not make their lives much more simpler, efficient and goal oriented? A one stop solution to all these is video lectures by experts.

With changing times, the study methodologies have also changed. Otherwise, a student would perish in this highly competitive world, if he/she is not efficient in his/her preparation. And offcourse, gone are the days when a student used to devote 18-19 hours per day for cramming all the information present in all those hefty books for clearing UPSC exam. Time has come to let go off the traditional methods of studying and follow a new approach, through which firstly he/she can cover up the whole syllabus of UPSC and secondly, retain and implement the information acquired. With the rise of online classes and video lectures, one can study anywhere and anytime. Time and place will no more be a matter of concern or hurdle for an aspirant. All you need to do is utilise your leftover time in writing the answers after going through the video lectures. This will boost up your selection chances, tremendously. These video lectures are not only simple and lucid but also mind captivating. If once seen, its harder to forget them.

We at UPSCCONNECT provide these video lectures for all the subjects, through our comprehensive ‘Video lectures’ package. This package is very cost-effective for students, without giving financial burden to them. So, why not join hands with learning platforms like us? And make your preparation much more effective. We are also available on You Tube. One can go through them, for an idea of what it feels like studying through video lectures.

 There is a need of a smarter approach for cracking UPSC exam and UPSCCONNECT is believed to be the most affordable solution to it.


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